Our Team

Our Team

All of Bowline’s security personnel are individually selected from the highest echelons of military, naval and police security services.

All applicants must possess extensive operational experience in fighting on and securing vessels, with an emphasis on combating terrorism. They are then screened for their ability to adapt their military skills to a civilian shipping operation.

All of our personnel have worked and trained together extensively; they know each other inside out and their teamwork is of the very highest order. The structure of each operational team evolves according to the job but, in all cases, the Team Leader is a very experienced operator who has passed the demanding Team Leader course and successfully completed many complex maritime operations. Also common to each team is the presence of medics and paramedics with combat experience.

Bowline’s reputation in the field of maritime defence stands or falls by the quality of its staff which we are confident is the highest in our field.  Our teams’ commitment to the task at hand enables our clients to sail the seas making minimal stoppages and via the most direct route, so saving time and money. Having a Bowline team on board will instill confidence in your crew, who will soon regard them as ‘one of them’. At Bowline, we ensure that our personnel always behave in an entirely  appropriate manner and that their standards are as high as yours – we recruit only professionals.

The operational demands of providing shipboard security involve working long hours at maximum levels of alertness, as there is no knowing when or if an incident will occur. This requires exceptional training, character, concentration and the ability to act instinctively when required. These characteristics are found in few and developed in even fewer. To maintain these qualities, our teams train regularly during the year and are required to pass competency tests and hone their skills when not on active duty; this routine includes fitness training, live firing exercises and refresher training.

However, it is not just the physical and mental character of our staff that is so important. Honesty and integrity are an essential part of the Bowline corporate culture. As representatives of Bowline, all our team members must abide by these principles. To ensure compliance with these standards, we perform background and criminal checks on all potential staff to guarantee we employ only the very best.

Bowline teams come from the the highest levels of the Security world. Their training is unparalleled and their character unquestionable. Our experience is your security.