Our Staff

Our Staff

Bowline’s reputation stands or falls by the quality of its staff.

All our personnel

  • must have had extensive military experience prior to joining us,
  • must have clean service discharge certificates,
  • are subject to background and criminal record checks
  • go through a comprehensive interview, training and evaluation process before being allowed to become members of an operating team.

Our teams work together and train together when not on operations, thus creating the mutual trust and team spirit that can mean the difference between success and failure in the event of an incident. The structure of each team will vary, but in all cases, the Team Leader will not only be very experienced, but will also have completed our specialist Team Leader course. Each team will also include a qualified medic.

It is not just physical and technical ability that make a Bowline team member. Honesty and integrity are an essential part of the Bowline culture. As representatives of Bowline, all our operational staff must abide by these principals; a key performance indicator in our management process is the views of the Masters of client vessels on the personal characteristics of team members, as well as their technical competence.’