Sail the seas without a fear

The proliferation of maritime piracy coupled with international terrorism has resulted in the loss of lives as well as the theft and destruction of billions of dollars in cargo. Bowline Defence was incorporated to meet increasing demands for client-specific maritime defence services by providing clients – commercial, private, or cruise ships – with maritime defence at the standard that would be available from a specialized naval unit. All our operational staff are former Navy Seals and Special Forces personnel and have extensive relevant experience and expertise that allow us to prevent threats from turning into shooting incidents. Bowline is a highly professional and reliable British company, whose staff have supplied maritime security services to over 50 shipping companies, and have completed more than 1000 successful voyages, with a perfect track record and with no damage whatsoever to ship or crew.


  • A leader in maritime security
  • UK company fully licensed for MARSEC operations
  • More than 1,000 transits without loss
  • Skilled and experienced management team
  • 60 teams deployed around the world, available at 48 hours' notice
  • ISO 9001:2008 and SAMI Stage 1 certified
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